Monday, December 21, 2009

Immortal Break of Dawn

This poem has been written for a very close friend of mine who recently passed away. Being a famous personality, it written in first person about the first experiences of the after-life….
It also has the twinge of wanting what he cannot go back to but at the same time telling people that he cared for to be happy for him as he has found his rest…

Sunset falls on the chapter called life,

A relief from ridicule, trouble, pain and strife.

A ray of hope,

On an immortal dawning day,

A tender loving fragrance,

That takes my breath away.

No tears, no pain,

No strings to the wretched wings of fame.

Life is looked upon as a new deathly game,

To those who loved me and called out my name.

Oh!! For that touch,

So to feel that true kiss.

Oh!! for that loving hand,

To gently help me stand.

All gone in a flash,

Those feelings and memories worth more than cash.

Like a lowly bird flapping into the sunset,

Like a tiny ripple becoming a giant wave.

Don’t cry for me and don’t be upset,

For I’ve found happiness found eternal happiness the Creator gave.

Smile for me for I’m now at peace,

Dance for me for I am now at rest.

Gone afar is my comet of pain,

Gone in a twinkle my salty tears and fame.

From dust I was born,

To dust I have returned.

Like a brightly lit star searching for a new morn,

I have a new life in my Immortal Break of Dawn.

By Anisha Achankunju

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